Reusable Mailer

  • Reusable
  • Combination Velcro and Zipper Closure
  • Padded interior for added protection
  • Water Resistant
  • Saves time, money and the environment
  • Available in 3 standard sizes

Reusable Mailers

Our Reusable mailers will save money and reduce landfill waste. Our reusable mailer is designed for a minimum of 50 transits, is made of extremely tough vinyl coated fabric and is electrostatically welded for durability and water resistance. This reusable mailer has 1/8" foam padding to help cushion its contents. It has a zipper closure and a velcro flap that protects the zipper and prevents accidental opening.

The Feedback we have recieved on our mailers has been great! Here are some quick examples: (We have not published the commenters names & institutions for privacy reasons. However if you would like a reference, our customers tell us they would be more than happy to talk about our products with you!

  • I use them (our Reusable Mailers) for sending DVDs, VHS tapes, and CDs to faculty through intercampus mail, and I think they're fantastic! They protect our materials very well and they do get returned to us for re-use. I was very glad when our Librarian decided to order them, and have been very happy to use them. Great product!
  • My ILL clerk is very happy with the straps and mailers. They are making her life easier, and more secure than using paper wrappers. We are getting questions about where we got the mailers, so I hope you get more business.

  • R.E.P. Reusable Mailers Save!

    Each REP Reusable mailer is meant for 50 + uses! With a low cost each mailer pays for itself within half of its life span. Reusing products is not only cost effective it is good for the environment. Having to produce only one unit instead of 50 saves greenhouse gasses during production and landfil waste after use. At approximatley $.08 per transit (based on 50 uses) our mailer will save you money and the environment!

    REP reusable mailers can be custom imprinted with your institutions logo and information.

    Custom colors are available, however they are subject to minimum order quantities.

    Mailer Label

    Easily remove old labels using our patent pending label removal system.

    How does it work?

    Simply place our label on white area, then affix UPS, Fedex or USPS shipping labels on top. Or print your shipping information directly on our label. The recipient of the package can then peel off all labels by pulling where indicated on our removal label.

    We have found the perfect combination of tackiness and removability, our labels can always be removed and will NOT leave any sticky residue behind!

    Available in packs of 50.

    • Removes easily
    • 8 1/4 x 5 1/4
    • Convenient 50 label pack